Packing Up and Heading Out

Aerial photo of seaside village
The definition of “Small Town”

Most of us have a home, and mine has almost always been Langley, Washington. This preposterously charming seaside town is home to the coffee shops, bookstores and majestic natural views that have lit my life when I haven’t been busy earning money or spending it on airplanes.

For all its charm, it does have a few downsides – it’s expensive and time consuming to get to the city, and an irrationally passionate distaste for noise and merriment mean there is precious little going on after 6pm. Inevitably though, the combination of a satisfying job, cheap rent, and some pretty excellent cycling territory always put those thoughts to bed at an early hour. Suddenly though, as the prospect of leaving Langley and the island it sits on began to become real, the charms of my village home began to pop as though an emotional instagram filter had been applied to my life. The newly applied contrast made clear not only the visual blessings of being surrounded by whales, water and two magnificent mountain ranges, but just how incredible the people that fill my life are.

Motorcycle in front of airplane
My other car is an airplane and my other airplane is a motorcycle.

Now, I’m staring down the barrel of a dream come true – a year on the road, flying every day. For a year, no more popping in to Music for the Eyes¬†each Saturday to talk flying with Fred. No more ripping into town on my motorcycle after work for an espresso and Perrier at Useless Bay Coffee Company. Goodbye to the privilege of serving on the board for our beautiful arts center and the Langley Main Street Association. Caution in choosing what you wish for is merited not for fear of getting it, but rather for what might have to be sacrificed in exchange.

That aside, I know this: this next year will be something to remember and cherish. I’ve been blessed with the chance to earn my living doing something I am good at and passionate about. I’m doing it in a time where I can stay connected to the many people back home I care about. Through this site, I hope to stay connected with all my old friends, and perhaps some new ones I make along the journey.

Fly Safe,

3 Replies to “Packing Up and Heading Out”

  1. I am excited about following your adventures, Aaron. You will be greatly missed but be assured each step of your year will be enthusiastically and vicariously enjoyed. I would love it if you could add a “follow blog” option so we could be automatically notified of your postings.

    Best wishes and happy landings.

    1. Thanks Fran! I’m working on adding that feature, but I haven’t found the mechanism that seems to work just right yet. For now, I’ll just send you an email when I publish something new. Missing you all!

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